Solutions for Enterprises


Compliance and Security

WATEEN Information Technology offers an array of information security Products, Services, and Security Professional Services. WATEEN products offering scale to fit your security and policy needs whether you are in the SMB or a Global Enterprise environment.

We are focused on providing value to your business while satisfying your technical and budgetary requirements. Recent developments in the IT arena such as Web 2.0, Active Directory, and SharePoint deployments have opened new venues to be exploited by internet crime.

This being said, we can protect your most valuable Internal Assets and Customer data while maintaining Strong and continuous Compliance with Regulatory audit. WATEEN Information Technology security solutions help you to "Know the Unknown.”

Security Offerings Include:
  • Security Assessments and vulnerability scan
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Compliance Automation
  • Firewalls
  • IPS – Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Network Access Control
  • Email – AntiSpam/ Antiirus
  • Security Training
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Enabling Web Presence

Wateen Information Technology (WIT) enables your web presence and provide you with the right content management software to create your portal and web 2.0 website.

WIT CMS gives large and small organizations the power to distribute the management of their web content to the people who create it, saving time and freeing up specialist IT resources.

WIT provides business owners and content developers with simple interfaces but with powerful features to make their web presence dynamic and to enable employees, customers and other target groups to communicate and receive the information, documents and applications, which they need to be productive in their daily work.

WIT CMS is based on globally accepted standards such as Secure Admin interface, JavaScript/Ajax based Editors, Design-content Separation with templates, user management and SEO friendliness.

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WAN Optimization

Using WAN optimization, enterprises can improve application performance across the network typically by 5 to 50 times and in some cases up to 100 times, and can simultaneously reduce WAN bandwidth utilization by 65 to 95%.

On the other hand, WAN optimization enables enterprises to consolidate servers into data centers more effectively, virtualize services and applications at the network edge to reduce costs further, and use new, enhanced performance analysis tools which allow businesses to more effectively align their IT strategy with their business strategy. These dramatic results allow businesses to take advantage of their networks, infrastructure, and applications in ways that they had never imagined possible.

Improving application performance has tangible, meaningful benefits for organizations of all sizes. Enterprises use WAN optimization to meet the following needs:
  • Accelerate applications across the wide area network
  • Reduce WAN bandwidth utilization
  • Enable IT Consolidation
  • Optimize Disaster Recovery
  • Accelerate mobile workers
  • Enhance Visibility and manage application performance
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Secure Internet Access

by partnering with leading security providers, WIT provide easy-to-use "all-in-one” Security Gateways and Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances that enable IT managers to effectively protect their network from malicious Internet-based threats.

Securing Internet Access by using Unified Threat Management solutions feature comprehensive perimeter security including:
  • Network Security (Firewall, VPN and Intrusion Prevention)
  • Web Security (URL Filtering, Malware Detection, Bandwidth Management and Application Control)
  • Mail Security (Anti-spam, Antivirus, Anti-phishing and Email Encryption)
With built-in web based central management and full network coverage including both wired and wireless network, Wateen provides you the right solution to secure and manage your Internet Access.

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