Solutions for Service Providers


Policy Enforcement and Bandwidth Management

WIT works with Internet Service Providers to deliver bandwidth management solutions that aims to protect and improve subscribers quality of experience on the Internet. Our offering helps ISPs to better understand network traffic, increase customer satisfaction, mitigate the proliferation of malicious traffic, manage network congestion, and deliver QoS-prioritized multimedia services.

Creating a competitive advantage requires broadband providers to have a complete understanding of their network which means, understanding subscribers and their applications. Service providers armed with this real-world intelligence can effectively leverage new application trends and manage IP service delivery in today’s broadband networks. This is critical to increase service revenues, reduce operational costs, and through a better online experience build customer loyalty.

WIT delivers solutions that give broadband providers complete visibility into subscriber and application traffic. Service provider teams from engineering to marketing can access insightful reports to ensure optimal network performance and to make service decisions using actual market trends.

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