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Business is about people. It is about communication, relationships and about presenting yourself, your company and your ideas in the most positive and impactful way. Many business people like to think that success is based on logical, rational thoughts and acts, but the human element should never be ignored. Which is why a strong soft skills set is vitally important.

Soft skills training can make the difference between closing the deal and losing it, creating a cohesive, efficient team or a malfunctioning one, getting that promotion or missing out. Great people skills give you a competitive edge, helping you to create positive relationships that mean you can get more from people, both internally and externally.

Soft skills training encompass a whole range of skills, including assertiveness, influencing and persuading, negotiating, presenting and public speaking, networking and managing a team. Overall, it is about gaining a better understanding of the ways people think and behave and presenting yourself and your ideas in a way that will have the best impact.

This type of training is not only important for managers, but is relevant for anyone who interacts with other people as part of their job - anyone with customers or clients, anyone who commissions work from suppliers and anyone who works as part of a team.

Course Offering

Project Management

Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales Marketing & Sales
Customer Service Customer Service
Managing Customer Service Managing Customer Service

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Budget & Managing Money Budget & Managing Money
Inventory Management Inventory Management

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Human Resource Management

Building Team Skills

Coaching Coaching: A Leadership Skill
ABC's The ABC’s of Supervising Others
The Practical Trainer Train-The-Trainer: The Practical Trainer
Administrative Assistant Management Skills for the Administrative Assistant

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