Wateen Training Academy


Investment in knowledge always pays the best interest

At Wateen Information Technology (WIT) Education and Training Center we focus on the critical link between technology and business success- a link formed by people. Keeping your skills and those of your people updated is vital in achieving business goals and maintaining competitive advantage. That is why we have developed courses and training services which are flexible and responsive to the changing needs of organizations today.

Whether you are a business man or a college graduate, WIT empowers you with IT professional training and education needed to assure the maximum return on your investment, or as stepping stone for your career goals. WIT is your one source for professional IT and business training including networking and infrastructure technologies, operating systems, web and application development, security, soft skills and others.

WIT is positioned as an innovative IT education facility that can expand students’ skills and career opportunities, directly addressing the IT workforce shortage, locally and regionally.


Facilities and atmosphere

The training facilities of WIT are architected to individually provide WIT students with the best possible learning experience. Our facilities promote student-instructor interaction; the classrooms are equipped with a cutting edge teaching and presentations tools that enhances the learning experience and encourages interaction between students and instructor.

Our advantages include personal guidance, communication and evaluation of all students at all levels and programs. Coupled with intensive lab training in a continuously reviewed and updated curricula, to ensure the inclusion of emerging technologies and an emphasis on hands-on-training.

Instructors delivering training are certified from technology vendors to deliver training and receive professional experience from WIT.